Wat is fika? Een 6 delige serie over fika! 


«fika: to have coffee» is a web documentary series about fika, a small but essential part of Swedish day-to-day life.
The series makes an attempt at portraying the popular ritual in six episodes.


fika [ˈfiːˌka]: to have coffee


  1. The enjoyment of coffee (or tea) as a social activity.
  2. A break from work or other activities, usually with coffee or tea.
  3. A light informal snack or meal in mid-morning or mid-afternoon similar to the English concept of afternoon tea.


  1. to have fika (in all senses)

The word fika has seen many translation attempts, however, many Swedes insist on its inability to be translated. It describes a coffee break, a snack and coffee between meals, a moment you share with other people - or a moment for yourself.

There are many traditions and rituals attached to fika, there are many stories realted to it in the average Swede's memory and it's held in high esteem by many the country's population. The Scandinavian languages know a bunch of other "untranslatable" words that vaguely describe a concept or a feeling, fika might be the most famous one. Fika is the Swede's treasure in the everyday.